Recently completed Master theses:

  • Thomas Naake (2016). Exploring allopolyploidy-mediated reconfigurations of antiherbivore secondary metabolism in the genus Nicotiana using an innovative computational mass spectrometry approach
  • Daniel Scherer (2016). Exploring reconfigurations in herbivory-induced signaling defenses in two cases of allopolyploidization in the genus Nicotiana: A case study on the diversification of volatile organic compound emissions
  • Verónika Ceballos (2015). Modeling Jasmonic acid-based signaling networks controlling induced metabolic changes in Nicotiana attenuata during insect herbivory

Recently completed Bachelor theses:

  • Katja Lenz (2015). A comparative study on herbivory-induced direct defenses and metabolism in synthetic and natural Nicotiana allopolyploids
  • Lara Schlegel (2015). Combining transient gene silencing and mass spectrometry-based metabolomics for the characterization of herbivory-induced changes in the phenolamide metabolism in Nicotiana attenuata